backyard chicken coop plans

Backyard Chicken Coop Plans

Providing a safe and secure environment for the chicken is very fundamental when it comes to rearing of chicken. In order to achieve this, construction of a backyard chicken coop is usually mandatory. This is because a coop is very important when it comes to preventing your chicken from loitering around and also for the protection of chicken. Constructing a chicken coop might seem a daunting task; however, this process can be simplified by the use of a chicken coop plan.


A coop plan is fundamental in guiding an individual on how to go about constructing a chicken coop and usually makes this process much easier. You need not be an architect or an expert carpenter to be able to build a backyard chicken coop. However, the following factors should be taken into consideration during the design and construction of a chicken coop. Size


The size of the chicken coop is very important when it comes to rearing of chickens. The main reason behind this is that, keeping chicken in a confined space tends to increase conflicts between the chicken and this usually results in increased cases of fighting between your chicken. Inadequate spaces also affects the level of hygiene within the chicken coop and might lead to increased pest infestations and outbreak o f diseases within your chicken stock In view of this, proper steps should be taken to ensure that the chicken coop is spacious enough. As a rule f thumb, each chicken should be given an allowance of 3 to 4 square feet. This is an important factor that should be considered in the design of backyard chicken coop plans. Location


The location of a chicken coop is fundamental when it comes to construction of a chicken coop. the chicken coop should be located in an open airy place and should not be obstructed by buildings or trees. It is also advisable to position the chicken coop in such a way that it receives ample amount of sunlight. Ventilation


Ventilation within a chicken coop is also mandatory for the well-being of the chicken. There are various ways through which an individual can achieve this. For instance, you can leave some space between the walls and roofing of the chicken coop and cover this space with wire mesh in order to allow circulation of air within the chicken coop. Lighting


Backyard chicken coop plans should incorporate good lighting as part of their design. Research has shown that lighting stimulates the laying of eggs ion chicken. In view of this, you can install an electric lighting system in the chicken coop. This system also serves to keep the chicken warm during cold conditions Elevation


Elevating the chicken coop at a certain height above the ground is very important when it comes to predator control. Elevation of a chicken coop is also instrumental in protecting the chicken coop against flooding in case of rainfall. Flooring


When designing a backyard chicken coop plan, ensure that the floor of the chicken coop is set in such a way that it has a slight slope towards the door so as to make cleaning of the chicken coop easier. Laying boxes should also be incorporated in the chicken coop.


By incorporating these tips in your backyard chicken coop plans, you can be well on your way to creating a clean safe environment for your chicken

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